The original Copper Cellar restaurant opened to rave reviews more than 40 years ago. We designed their brand mark and a hand-lettered menu that was inserted in a routed wood, leather hinged cover.

Since then the Copepr Cellar Corporation has expanded into a regional family of five different restaurant concepts with 20 locations. We have created an iconic brand identity for each new concept. Richards Design Group continues managing themes and various printed media. 

RDG Corner 16 menus.jpg

Corner 16 menus

We worked closely with Corner 16 to create a menu theme that compliments their location and decor.


Calhouns neon vertical.jpg

Neon Logo

Our iconic Calhoun's logo featured in the restaurant as a neon light.


Chespeake menus.jpg

Chesapeake's menus

Upon the opening of the Chesapeake's Parkside Drive location we updated the classic menu to something a little more modern.