Dalen Products

We began working with the founder and his son in 1985. Through the years we have teamed with Dalen on branding, packaging and Point of Purchase. Dalen has grown from having products in local hardware store to the major home and garden stores in the U.S. and Canada.

ScareCrow Owls.jpg

Natural Enemy Scarecrow® packaging

For well over 30 years, this Natural Enemy Scarecrow® has been a garden standard. We now see them on downtown buildings, at the lake, on homes, barns, and some surprising places.

Plant Stake Display.jpg

Plant Support Center pallet

Specifically designed for big-box home improvements stores, the Plant Support Center catered to vegetable gardeners in search of ways to keep their garden safe and secure.

Stackable w_Tray.jpg

Stackable Garden packaging

The Stackable Garden is perfect for small-space gardens. Designed specifically to allow buyers to build and arrange their plants in a seemingly endless variety of ways.

Walmart Full Bay Set.png

Landscape Fabric pallet

Dalen’s number one seller, landscape fabric. With their step-up strategy, and our simplified and straight-forward graphics,
consumers  have been able to select just the right product for their needs.

Dalen Brand Guide.jpg

Dalen Brand Guide excerpts