Our heritage predates digital, the world we live and work in now. It was a time of a different craft than today, although there is a resurgence of that craft today. We relish projects that include printed communication. 

As designers who love visual communication, we welcome special projects that allow us to work with unique printing methods, paper choice and set an atmosphere for the viewer.


Forming and Centering book

Architect Ken Moffett spent 30 years traveling and drawing building schemes to illustrate architectural design concepts. We were fortunate to be chosen to prepare his work for publication.


The Evergreen Ball Program

For more than a decade we’ve been part of the team of the great event that funds Friends of the Smokies important programs supporting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 


FordPAS Guides

Educational Development Corporation provides student and teacher guides for the Ford Foundation's Partnership in Advanced Studies program. These excellent guides were the kind of textbooks we wished we had in high school.


Beyond Words

This heartfelt book by a mother and first grade teacher told the story of an autistic child’s integration into a first grade class. It became an inspirational guide for parents with autistic children.